This is going to hurt :(

I have risen.


Or some shit.

Like from the dead? Like Jesus on Easter? What was it like?

Someone gave Jason a parking place of his own? …

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I wish Jason would come home from work because I really need cuddles. I don’t know what is wrong with me today, I’m so damn emotional and I’ve been crying all day and I’ve wanted to do was lay around.

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I am ready for the day!
Also anyone can come chat to me! I don’t bite (:

You are beautiful just like your brother. We need to hang out sometime.

Life Update…


She pulls his hair and lip rings, and takes his glasses off.

Why have videos not been created of this?

Life Update…



Savannah just gave Cat and Agent Orange each a roll of toilet paper. Each of them one of their own. They had a lot of fun. She laughed a lot. I have to clean it up. I’m crying.

Lacey just calls Max mom and beats him up.

This is even better than my update :p Priceless.

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